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Movie Taboo

Great-Gatsby-wallpaper_03My friend and I went to see Gatsby last weekend. And like a grown-up, I ordered movie tickets online ahead of time. Because that's what grown-ups do, right? "Come over early" I said. "We'll stroll leisurely," I said. "We'll see Vivid," I said.

Well, I had forgotten about the rain, and the crowds, and what was going to be leisurely, turn into slow crawl, because: Rain + Crowds + Pretty Lights + Umbrellas that almost poke you in the eye = SLOOOOW

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Saturday - In which we visit Those Graced with Years

Laurel Moffatt blog saturday adventureI love Saturdays, especially when it's not wedding season. My husband, JMM, is a minister, and when the weather is fine and the flowers are in bloom, Saturdays = Weddings. And, I don't mean just a few here and there. I mean last year there were 66, which isn't quite Sun Myung Moon territory, but still, busy. Most of which JMM celebrates (which does not mean that he throws rose petals and blows bubbles, but rather that he tells them the Greatest Love Story of All Time, and how marriage fits in that. Oh, and also tells them when to say 'I will' and 'I do' and when they can kiss and stuff--which is also very important).

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In which I send out a 'Ping' to the Universe of Light and Sound and Hyperlinks

JEvansBasholiShade copyI'm about to embark on this whole blogging thing anew. I have this other blog, which I love. It's my haiku blog. It's kind of nice how it is. But, last year, after two surgeries and what felt like a long recovery, I came out from the fog of pain, and found that my partner in crime, the person who actually made all the haikus and the fun papercraft happen, my imagination, was gone. While I was on the couch eating apple slices, she had packed her things and left. Without so much as a 'bye! see you in a few months!' She didn't even leave a note.

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