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Category: Life in the Parish

Raising Kids in a City of Light and Shadows

One of the great (and slightly terrifying!) things about raising our kids in the city is that any walk outside has the potential to turn into a Great Adventure. You never know what you'll find. Sometimes it's delightful. All light, and fun and colour.Light and Shadow
Sometimes it can be a bit disappointing. Like last Sunday, when we went to see all the buildings lit up around the harbour for Vivid. Circular Quay was packed. We moved with the horde in one ungainly mass. We all pretended to see the lights, but really, all we could see were the backs of the people in front of us.

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Lost and Found

photoMaybe this is a little heavy for your Friday, or maybe it's just the thing. But, I thought you might like to know...

This is Leslie and a picture of his twin brother, Karl. Leslie recently found his brother after a long time looking. It happened like this.

Leslie and Karl were close through what sounds like an uneasy, unsettling childhood. Their dad abandoned them when they were four. After age 14 they grew apart. One week after their 22nd birthday, Karl disappeared.

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Saturday - In which we visit Those Graced with Years

Laurel Moffatt blog saturday adventureI love Saturdays, especially when it's not wedding season. My husband, JMM, is a minister, and when the weather is fine and the flowers are in bloom, Saturdays = Weddings. And, I don't mean just a few here and there. I mean last year there were 66, which isn't quite Sun Myung Moon territory, but still, busy. Most of which JMM celebrates (which does not mean that he throws rose petals and blows bubbles, but rather that he tells them the Greatest Love Story of All Time, and how marriage fits in that. Oh, and also tells them when to say 'I will' and 'I do' and when they can kiss and stuff--which is also very important).

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