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The Nativity Play



Last year I went searching for a nativity play for the family Christmas service at my church in Sydney, Church Hill Anglican. But not just any play. I was looking for a resource that was:

True to the Gospel accounts of the birth of Jesus,

Compelling in its presentation of the Gospel for both kids and adults,

Easy to use for both small and larger groups of people,

Musically Familiar with traditional Christmas carols,

Inviting for all ages of people to enact,

Lighthearted in a way that enlivens the hearts of its hearers, and, of course,


I couldn’t easily find one. So I wrote one instead.

Born is the King is neither solely a nativity play nor simply a carols service. It is, instead, both. And I do think, that as a play, it manages to balances the lighthearted with the serious, nestle right in to Scripture without necessarily quoting large slabs verbatim, use traditional, familiar Christmas carols that relate directly to the action of the play, present the Gospel clearly to both kids and adults without excluding either, and is easy for kids to speak and memorise without being childish.

We used the play at our church last year for our family carols service, and so did St. John’s Anglican,  Diamond Creek in Victoria. Our production was on the small size (12 people), and St. John’s was bigger (30 people), yet both churches found that the play was a delight to use and was engaging for the members of the community.

It's my hope that Born is the King may be of service to your community this Christmas, and that it can be used as a winsome witness of the great love that our Father has lavished on us in the gift of his Son, Jesus, our King.

You can purchase Born is the King from the City to City Australia website. And, if I can ever figure out how to put a little shopfront in this space, I'll offer it here as well. :)

Here are a few photos of our service in action:Inline image 5Inline image 3Inline image 2Inline image 4

And if you'd like to keep in touch, feel free to leave your name and email below...